Markus Gonser shows how to create a dynamic waterdrop effect in Cinema 4D along with Octane.

One way to learn is to get a scene file and comb through it to see the setup. Other times, trying to pull apart someone else’s scene could get confusing, especially for newcomers. Check out this new tutorial from Markus Gonser that shows how to create a dynamic waterdrop effect that uses X-Particles and Octane Render.

Pulling Apart a Dynamic Waterdrop Effect Scene.

“It’s such an excellent opportunity to study scene files form X-Particles Masters!” Gonser notes. Sadly, this can be a bit overwhelming for people starting. “So I stripped down one of these scene files and showed you how to build it from the beginning, step by step,” Gonser says about his latest tutorial. Grosner learned the technique while studying the scene files at Insydium’s content repository.


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