Get to Know Some Maya Bifrost Graph Nodes

Phil Radford breaks down some of the Bifrost Graph nodes and how they work.

Bifrost Graph is a node-based way to design, build, and test custom behaviours in Maya. While we’ve all seen some pretty amazing things conjured up in Bifrost, more than a few of us stare at a blank graph wondering how to start. One way to dive in is to understand what some of the Bifrost Graph nodes can do, on a reduced level. That is the premise of a new tutorial series from The Maya Guy (Phil Radford).

Bifrost Graph Nodes Simplified

Phil’s latest series covers how some nodes work while keeping math and programming out of the equation. ” I am trying to break down learning Bifrost graph nodes in the simplest way that I know works for me as an artist,” Phil says. The series starts by looking into translating an object in the Maya scene using Bifrost. Part two looks at arrays, while another instalment looks into affecting singular objects in an array.