Nimble Nimbus is an Easy to Use Cloud Generator for Ae

A new cloud animation generator for After Effects is flexible, fast and easy to use.

A new 2D vector-based cloud generator tool for Adobe After Effects is an interesting one. Nimble Nimbus from the (relatively new) Element Supply Company offers a unique and flexible way to create the coveted 2D cloud and smoke effects.

Nimble Nimbus is a Text Preset.

The Ae Preset allows you to create clouds, smoke, and other flowing, looping effects. Interestingly, the tool resides as a text preset in After Effects. 

As a text preset, you can easily add custom text animators to get a lot of different looks. 

Get Nimble Nimbus.

Check out the preset over at Element Supply Company for some examples, and get it for an introductory price of $19 until July 10th.