How to Create a Vellum Grains Tearing Effect

Resilient Picture Company shows how you can create a tearing effect using Vellum Grains in Side FX Houdini.

Houdini’s Vellum solver is a unified one that can handle Cloth, Hair, Soft Bodies, Ballons, and Grains. It is the last one of particular note in this new tutorial from Krishna Bala (Resilient Picture Company). Bala shows how you can create a tearing effect using the grains solver within Houdini.

A Tear Effect for Any Object.

The tutorial covers the settings within the Vellum solver and offers some tips while working with a couple of scenarios. Bala makes a note of a couple of other resources he encountered when trying to figure out the workflow. One is a video from Entagma that shows how to set up grains, all in about five minutes.

Bala’s examples take simulation in Houdini, rendered in Redshift, composited in Aftereffects with a final output using Davinci Resolve.