Free, Easy Text Box for Ae Adds Boxes to Text

The Waenderer releases another free and super-handy tool for Ae: Easy Text Box.

Yes, ok. There are plenty of things out there that lets you add a box to text for After Effects. While it’s pretty ridiculous that you need a third-party tool or an entire process to create one in Ae, well, that’s just the state of things. (Not in Cavalry, though).

Easy Text Box.

A new and free preset from The Waenderer lets you create and animate text boxes with just one click in AfterEffects. It’s a simple thing that makes a box behind the text. It’s great for titles, lower thirds, and social media posts. Easy Text Box adds no extra layers into your composition, and it offers some excellent features like the ability to add gradients, skew text, add shadows, and a bunch more.

Get the Preset for Free.

Visit The Waenderer to download the text box preset for After Effects for Ae 2017 and up.