Working With the Bonus Tools Modular Rigging Tools

Steven Roselle covers working the modular rigging tools that belong to Maya’s Bonus Tools.

Maya’s Bonus Tools are often a platform for various experiments and a sandbox for tools that may or may not make it into the app. Nonetheless, there are usually some handy things there, and some of them can get overlooked.

Maya Bonus Tools Modular Rigging Tools.

A new walkthrough by Autodesk’s Steven Roselle walks us through some of the modular rigging components that you can have through Bonus Tools.

“The Maya BonusTools rigging tools (Setup Arm, Setup Foot, Setup Back, and Stretchy IK) came up in conversation the other day. I realized that I never posted the original demos showing how these tools work,” Roselle says.

“This recording is relatively old, but the tools still do the same thing. Keep in mind that these are very basic and probably not going to be used in serious production.”

“However, the scripts they are based on can be helpful as a reference for anyone trying to create their custom rigging tools or some who want to learn some basic rigging concepts.”