Better Understand Procedural Textures With This Free Blender Tool

Santiago Pereira’s Field Visualizer lets you see how procedurals look in 3D in the viewport.

Procedural textures such as noise often come with a lot of attributes that you can change. However, it’s not always apparent what some values do, especially when each type of procedure comes with its unique features. If you work in Blender, check out this new tool from Santiago Pereira (Sanctus) that lets you visualize what’s happening with your images right in the Blender viewport.

Working With and Visualizing Procedural Textures.

Typically, it is not uncommon to apply noise to a 2D plane so that you can easily see what effect each of the sliders has on the result. Pereira’s Visualizer takes that a step further by showing you the 3D mathematical shapes and patterns that happen behind the scenes to create the noise pattern. It’s a great way to better visualize the values outside the plane to understand the shapes and weights better.

Check out the Field Visualizer Tool here.