Daniel Kreuter launches Allusion, a great-looking way to organize and keep your visual reference library.

There are a few great tools out there that allow artists to compile and keep references and the inspirations that drive many of us. Now there is a new one out there, thanks to Daniel Kreuter, called Allusion.

Allusion Visual Library Manager.

Allusion is an app that helps you to organize your visual reference library in a single place. You can keep your entire collection of references and inspirations and any other kind of images at hand with it.

“After two long years of development!!! Allusion, our visual library management tool, is finally available! We have all been very excited about this day! Please take a look and share it with your colleges and friends!”

What About PureRef?

Many folks use PureRef, and with good reason, it’s a simple, clean, and easy-to-use way to keep your references within glancing distance while you are working. Allusion doesn’t infringe on that either. 

“We understand that artists like to use PureRef.”

“Allusion focuses on managing your image library, while PureRef is typically used on a per project basis. Our application was designed to be a complementary tool to PureRef by supporting easy drag and drop between the two.”

Get Allusion.

Check out and download Allusion for free here.