Phoenix Update Offers Better Active Body Collision, Color Absorption, and More

Chaos Phoenix 4 Update 4 features improvements to collisions between Active Bodies, Color Absorption, and Massive Wave Force.

Advanced effects are now easier to create in Chaos Pheonix with update 4. The release offers better active body collision, new color absorption for volume render effects, a massive wave force, and extended motion blur support for V-ray on the GPU.

Active Bodies collision

Pheonix now offers better control over collisions between Active Bodies when using the Bullet solver. You can easily create effects such as colliding ice cubes in liquid, floating ocean debris, or washed away objects in floods.

Color Absorption

Color Absorption gives much more control over volume rendering for things like smoke. It is now possible to change the color of a light source as color as the rays move through the smoke.

Massive Wave Force

Phoenix lets you create realistic large-scale ocean simulations such as real-world ocean waves using the Massive Wave Force feature.

Learn more about Chaos Phoenix 4, update 4 here.