Phoenix FD 3.0 for Maya Released With a new FLIP Liquid Solver

The ChoasGroup releases Phoenix FD 3.0 for Maya, their powerful, yet artist friendly fluid dynamics tool for Maya and 3d Studio Max. The latest release comes with a new FLIP liquid solver, improved smoke and fire solver, plus some other great features.

The new FLIP Solver offers a fast and more realistic liquid solver, while the smoke and fire solver lets you create effects with more defined details.

Also added to Phoenix FD, is a new Wave Force for creating detailed wave simulations from procedural oceans, and a new procedural ocean displacement that lets you create, preview and render ocean surfaces that will never repeat.

Other Features for Phoenix FD 3 includes:

  • Quick presets – New toolbar with presets for fire, smoke and liquid simulations.
  • Force controls – Art direct and control simulations with forces like wind, mesh attraction and more.
  • Path follow – Create simulations that follow a path along a spline.
  • Interactive simulations – Fine-tune simulations interactively in the viewport with Phoenix FD’s GPU-accelerated preview.
  • Refine simulations – Increase simulation resolution and add detail without changing overall shape or behavior.

Phoenix FD 3 is available now for Autodesk Maya. If you already own Phoenix FD 2.x for Maya good news, it’s a free upgrade.