How to Create a Cityscape Using Nomad Sculpt

Glen Southern shows how to make a low poly cityscape using simple primitives in Nomad.

Check out this new video walkthrough from SouthernGFX (Glen Southern) that shows how you can use Nomad Sculpt on a tablet to create an entire cityscape. “I spend so much time making creatures and characters that I forget how much fun it is modeling a whole city!” Southern says. “And now we have amazing apps like Nomad Sculpt that are not just great for sculpting but can also be used to make a low poly cityscape.”

Southern uses simple primitive shapes like cubes and tubes to make a whole low poly city. 

“Using the new post-processing features, we can make cool-looking wireframe buildings that you can tailor to your style, whether that be a Cyberpunk 2077 city or modern-day New York!”

Nomad Sculpt is a painting and sculpting application for mobile devices, like an iPad, that features an extensive toolset and an intuitive UI.