Working With Comic Matcaps in Nomad Sculpt

SouthernGFX shows how to create a hand-drawn outlined look using the Comic Matcaps in Nomad Sculpt.

Non-photorealistic rendering, or NPR, is a simple way to get a more natural look and works well with sculpting tools. Nomad Sculpt can use Matcaps, and one of them lets you achieve a hand-drawn comic look.

This short tutorial from Glen Southern (SouthernGFX) shows how to get a look as if it were from Halo Jones from around 1984.

“Matcaps (short for “material capture”) is a type of texture used in 3D graphics to give an object the appearance of a particular material or surface. A Matcap texture is a 2D image applied to a 3D model & serves as a shader.”

Matcaps, on the other hand, capture the lighting and shading properties of a particular material or surface & apply them to the object in real time.

“This means that a 3D model with a matcap can have a highly realistic appearance, without the need for complex lighting setups or rendering processes,” Southern says.