How to Create an Animation Compound for Bifrost to Animate Anything

Frosty shows how you can animate right inside the Maya Bifrost Graph.

When using the Maya Bifrost Graph, it’s easy to promote attributes right to the channel box, making them simple to animate. That’s fine for some workflows, but how about animating things right inside the graph?

Check out this new tutorial from Youtuber “Frosty” that shows how you can make animation happen right within the Bifrost Graph.

The tip shows how you can make a new compound that will animate values right in the graph. “Here I make a little compound useful for procedural animation, without having to connect things to the outside.” Frosty writes. “You can animate any parameter that way and control it via a normalized f-curve.” Doing it this way means that you can use the compound like traditional animation inside the graph editor.