How to Work With GraphN Scattering in Maya and Unreal

Watch how to use GraphN for scattering and world-building in Maya and other DCCs.

This new dive by PolygonFlow shows how you can use GraphN, a multi-host, and platform a simplified visual coding system, to create scattering and world-building tasks within Maya and Unreal.

GraphN works on a node graph where Python handles all the behind-the-scenes stuff. “When you hit “Play,” that python code essentially gets executed in your 3D software.” 

The tutorial shows an exploration with Ecotope, a free tool built with GraphN’s node editor.

Ecotope aims to help you quickly scatter objects in your environments, with blazing fast performance and zero nodes or code involved. The tool is available in both Maya 2020-2022 and Unreal Engine 5.