GraphN Visual Coding Tool for Artists Available in Early Access

PolygonFlow offers the visual programming system for DCC’s GraphN in early access.

Nodes, you say? While lots of apps are moving over to a nodes-based workflow, there is also GraphN. The tool offers a simplified visual coding system by letting artists create tools by typing what they have in mind.

The software works on a node graph where Python handles all the behind-the-scenes stuff. “When you hit “Play,” that python code essentially gets executed in your 3D software.” 

That means that theoretically, the same graph networks can work in any DCC that supports Python. Imagine creating tools for Maya and then using those in Blender or anything with Python.

Right now, GraphN supports Maya with Blender support on the way.

“GraphN is a visual coding software for artists unlike any other, with hundreds of nodes all rich with extensive tags, descriptions and names that are familiar to artists.”

“Thanks to its subgraphs and portals, you won’t have to deal with spaghetti node graphs. Welcome to the future of visual coding!”

Download GraphN’s free trial and learn more about GraphN here.