A Look At Painting on 3D Objects With Procreate

Dimitris Katsafouros takes the new Procreate for a spin and shows the new painting on 3D objects features.

Most of us have likely seen the Procreate beta in action, particularly painting and drawing right onto 3D objects. Recently, Procreate 5.2 made its way to everyone, so we can all try 3D model painting.

Check out this fantastic look into the pros and cons of Procreate’s new 3D features offered by Dimitris Katsafouros. Procreate 5.2 lets you paint, add adjustments, effects and work with material settings like gloss and reflectivity while painting directly on a 3D model. It’s very intuitive, smooth, and feels great.

Procreate 5.2 brings texture painting to the iPad! And it absolutely rocks!” Says Katsafouros. “This video is a first look into the new feature set.”