Check Out This Overview for Creating an Office Block With Bifrost

Jason Brown posts an overview for creating an office block procedurally with Bifrost.

There are quite a few tutorials out there where you can learn how to work with Maya’s Bifrost. Likely not as many tutorials as there are for Blender’s Geometry Nodes or Side FX Houdini, but Bifrost is still relatively new, so hopefully, that will change.

I find a stumbling block to be that there are no practical examples for working with Bifrost. Initially, I thought watching a b3d, or Houdini tutorial would be comparatively simple and transpose some of those ideas to Bifrost. When I tried to create a procedural building, I found out otherwise.

I posed the question on the Bifrost Addict’s Discord which started an excellent discussion. Then VFX Artist Jason Brown (Val Hallen) took up the premise of a procedural building and just absolutely ran with it.

A Procedural Office Block in Bifrost.

Recently Brown posted an overview for his office block Bifrost node, covering how it works and his thinking behind its creation. The node is based heavily on Technical/Houdini Artist Simon Verstraete’s (Simon Houdinibuilding examples.

Val Hallen’s procedural building node is still under development, but it looks promising. Brown is considering adding things like balconies, awnings, fire escapes, and more.

Bifrost Addicts on Discord.

Suppose you want to learn more about, pose questions, or even lurk and read up on the latest conversations around Bifrost. In that case, the Bifrost Addicts Discord has a fantastic range of artists and tech-folk on it, including some of the Bifrost development team. Join the Bifrost Addicts Discord here.