Easily Change the Light on Faces in Ae With This Face Relighter Tool

ProductionCrate’s Face Relighter offers a simple way to way to relight faces in After Effects.

You can manually create a setup that will allow you to change the lighting in After Effects, and there are a few third-party tools. Recently a new addition to this space is ProductionCrate’s Face Relighter for Adobe After Effects.

Face Relighter is a full face tracking/mesh generating tool for Ae that uses similar features that you’d find in common AR apps.

“Relighting faces is a powerful way to help create interaction between your VFX and footage. Lightsabers, fire, muzzle flashes, magic, and lightning can all now realistically illuminate the faces of your actors in just a few clicks!”

For now, the tool relies on requiring Windows and Element3d, but it achieves some remarkable results. Check out Face Relighter for After Effects here.