How to Create and Animate a Rubik’s Cube With Geometry Nodes

Sanctus breaks down how to make and animate a Rubik’s Cube in Blender using Geometry Nodes.

This new tutorial from Santiago Pereira (Sanctus) shows how to make an entire Rubik’s Cube model in Blender using Geometry Nodes. The tutorial uses some new nodes in the Blender alpha, and the process starts with points and instances.

The process to build a cube procedurally is similar across most DCC’s. Check out this tutorial from Eosacro that shows how to leverage the procedural power of Side FX Houdini to model, surface, rig, and animate a Rubik’s Cube.

Sanctus never disappoints with the stuff he shows using Geometry Nodes in Blender. It’s worthwhile to note that you can help support Sanctus through his Patreon here.