Going Beyond the Delta Keyer in Blackmagic Fusion

Bryan Ray offers more advanced tips for getting a great key in Blackmagic Fusion.

Keying a green screen is one thing that appears straightforward at first, but complexity varies with the individual shots. This tutorial from Bryan Ray covers keying in Blackmagic Fusion (or Davinci Resolve) and takes us beyond using a single Delta Keyer and into more advanced tips.

The tutorial covers tips for making core mattes and combining keyers in Fusion. “As a bonus, you get a bit of commentary on poor greenscreen shooting ideas and a method to pretreat your greenscreen footage before pulling a key.”

About Bryan Ray.

Bryan Ray is a visual effects artist at Muse VFX in Hollywood, California. He often offers custom tools and insights into building extensions (macros, fuses, and scripts) for Blackmagic Fusion.