Creating Environments Procedurally With USD, Houdini Solaris

Adrien Lambert shows more of what’s possible with USD in Houdini Solaris, creating environments procedurally.

ILM Lead Generalist Adrien Lambert’s series covers everything you want to know about USD or Universal Scene Description in Maya and Side FX Houdini. His latest dive runs through how to create environments procedurally within Solaris.

“Since I covered the fundamentals in past tutorials of this series, it’s time to level up and put everything into practice,” Lambert says about what’s in store in his video.

Lambert starts by sharing many tips on how he created a forest trail scene. The video covers Height field terrain creation, SOP import, USD layering, Scattering with LOPs instancer, and the Stage Manager. The main focus, though, is making everything much more manageable with Solaris and USD.