How to Create a Power-Up Effect With Bifrost in Maya

Animator Artist Life and The Maya Guy show how to create a hand power-up effect using an animated mesh and Bifrost in Maya.

David Mattock (Animator Artist Life)and the MayaGuy Phil Radford (@MayaGuytutorials) team up to show how to create a magical power-up effect using Bifrost to jazz up an animated alembic mesh.

Let’s create excellent power-up magic hands animation effects using Bifrost in Autodesk Maya. The tutorial comes as part 2 of the Introduction to Bifrost Series. It is part 02 of the “Intro to Bifrost for Complete Beginners series.”

This Magic Hands Power-up VFX tutorial will be split up into two parts. Maya Guy will guide part 01. Radford shows how to emit particles from parented 3D geometry that you can paint and mask areas to refine the magic VFX.


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