Airen 4D is a New AI Render Engine for Cinema 4D

Merkvilson’s new tool uses AI as a render engine as a fast way to create images, baking, and more right within Cinema 4D.

Generative AI is a contentious topic amongst artists for good reason. There are some valuable inroads to the artist community for AI, certainly in assisting with the tedium-laden components of the pipeline and workflows.

An interesting example is this new (coming soon) tool from Merkvilson called Airen 4D, an AI Render engine for Cinema 4D.

Users can block in a scene and have the AI render engine fill in as much of it as possible into an image. This workflow is interesting for iterating on designs, look development, and concept art. (Given how generative AI acquires its data models, it is probably not wise to use it as final.)

Airen 4D can create hyper-realistic images in a few seconds, bake with a single click, and more. The AI-based render engine is still under development, but you can pre-order Airen 4D here.

Merk has a Patreon where he shares tips and tricks and a fantastic range of Cinema 4D plugins.