A Look at Insidium’s TerraformFX Procedural Landscape Tool for C4D

Insidium shows how you can use TerraformFX in C4D to create procedural landscapes.

This new video from the folks over at Insidium, shows off some of the features and workflows for TerraformFX, a new procedural landscape tool for Cinema 4D. The video explores some of the features of TerraformFX, like the layering system, generators, and filters to create realistic terrains.

The demonstration also shows how to use 2D and 3D particle-driven hydraulic erosion to add realism and detail to your terrains and how to build exact height and slope-based terrain textures and materials. 

As part of INSYDIUM’s Fused CollectionTerraformFX enables you to build terrains with ease; you can create an infinite number of landscapes in high resolution. Place mountains, lakes, and rivers where you need them. All aspects of the terrain generation are editable, so you have total control over your environments.

Get your copy of INSYDIUM Fused, which includes X-Particles, the ultimate particle engine for Cinema 4D, TerraformFX, Mesh Tools, Cycles 4D, and much more.