Shaun Keenan Provides a look at rendering a product shot with the Fry Render Rendering application. Fry render is a physically based light simulator / unbiased renderer from RandomControl.

From Shaun Keenan’s tutorial: “In this tutorial by author Shaun Keenan, we’ll look at setting up and rendering a product shot inside of RandomControl’s Fryrender. Shaun will start out by covering the process of setting up and preparing the scene in Maya, before exporting to Fry. We’ll look at creating light emitting geometry through shaders, as well as creating the jellybean and glass materials, finally we’ll set up and tweak the render settings inside of Fry.”

The above videos are from the tutorial, be sure to check out the other parts to Shaun Keenan’s Product Shot Rendering Using the Fry Renderer tutorial here.