Robert Leger has posted a Motioneers tutorial showing the fundamentals of using Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D, instilling the core techniques that will get you more familiar with taking control of Xpresso nodes and particle systems in Cinema. Check out the tutorial for Understanding the Fundamentals of Cinema 4D Thinking Particles here.

…this tutorial is meant to teach you the core techniques of Thinking Particles…

Thinking Particles in Cinema 4D uses the Xpresso interface in Cinema to give you control over individual particles and streams. Particles are also able to interact with their environment, as well as each other in an event based system. Thinking Particles can also emit particles from anything in the cinema 4D scene really, from points, edges, or surface normals of any object with surface emission or even emission from a volume.

There is also a posted interview with the “heavy-metal mysterious” Robert Leger that you might be interested in, as done by a student from the University of California. Check out the interview here.