Cinema 4D | Creating a Realistic Neon Sign

Showing how he created some fantastic neon visuals in a broadcast design package, Travis Laidlaw walks through the steps, showing off a bit of his workflow to create the neon sign look in Cinema 4D and compositing in After Effects.

A breakdown of the steps taken to create a neon sign in Cinema 4D and composite in After Effects

Most likely inspired (and why wouldn’t anyone be) by Rizon Parein’s “drive” poster minimal wash-lit look, Travis shares some of the more important highlights providing some suggestions and tips for how to build a similar animating neon sign in Cinema 4D.

Covering how to get the glass and glows of the neon tubes, Travis also shows the process of compositing in After Effects. Check out the tutorial for Creating a Realistic Neon Sign in Cinema 4D and After Effects here.