Getting started Using the New DuIK Tools v14 in After Effects

Mikey Borup has a look at some of the new features in Duik tools v14. Nicolas Dufresne recently and almost quietly released a new version of Duik tools, making good on the features that were promised almost a year ago, and also making good on the promise that it will remain free (mostly, it is donation ware – pay what you like).

Getting started with DuIK tools, version 14. recently released with some great updatesMikey Borup

Duik tools allow you to rig characters and props in After Effects using IK, or inverse kinematic chains, something that Ae lacks out of the box. Here, Mikey walks us through some of the more relevant new features in Duik tools 14. Covering the new autorig feature, Mikey shows how easy it has become to set up and rig a character in After Effects. Duik tools 14 also adds a rotational morph which will allow you to add things like muscle flexing in character’s arms and legs.

Interestingly, Duik tools comes with a new spring modifier as well as a wiggle tool. Both of these will allow you to create easy secondary motion with effect panel controls at the click of a button. These two tools can not only be used for secondary on characters, but also a quick way to create secondary on any animation in After Effects.

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