Rigging for Rag Doll Physics in Cinema 4D

Thumb_01Ratemyfuneral’s Rory Martin has a look at using the wooden figure in Cinema 4D and rigging it with rag doll physics, so that it can be thrown around and affected by other objects in the scene.

In this tutorial we look at how to rig the build in wooden figure in Cinema 4D so that it acts with rag doll physicsRory Martin – RateMyFuneral.com

Rag Doll physics in Cinema 4D using the dynamics engine, are kind of a fun thing to try. You can easily loose track of time as you try different things and see how the character will react in the viewport. Here, Rory shows how to employ the various connectors needed to create the rag doll, and how to complete the set up, with some tips along the way.

Check out the tutorial for How to Rig a Rag Doll for Rag Doll Physics in Cinema 4D here.