Modeling a Complex Shape Have You Stumped? Use Guides

Often times, even with seasoned modelers, the question will arise… “How will I build this thing?”. There are always going to be shapes and forms that will stump you on how to proceed with modeling. I always say that if you can create and place a single polygon, then you can build anything.

Worst case scenario, you can build objects manually, systematically and bit by bit. At times, it might not be the most effective or quickest way to get things done, but it does get the job done.

As a great example of how to create complex objects, Devin Sloan looks at creating a shape that has some radial holes in it. Most would look at the shape and thing “booleans” right away. Well in fact that is viable if you were to use MeshFusion in Modo – however, in other applications, that might be tedious and give you some bunk geometry that you may regret at some point.

Devin shows how you can help yourself along by using some simple splines as guides to accurately place polygons to describe the topology of the shape you are building. This often can be a simple and effective solution for building complex shapes.