Exocortex Officially Launches V-Ray Rendering in Clara.io

Exocortex has made some great tools, such as Slipstream, Momentum and Fury. Over the last little while they have added Clara.io, a complete modeling, animation and rendering tool that will allow you to make complex 3D models, create beautiful photorealistic renderings.

This is the first actual deployment of V-Ray Cloud in a way that is available to the general public

The thing about Clara.io is that it is completely online, you run it in your browser – shockingly, Clara.io is cloud based, there dis nothing to download or applications to install. We have seen similar efforts to place complex application in the cloud from Lagoa, so we should be accustom to this by now.

Recently however, Exocortex had a soft launch of Clara.io back in February that included new V-Ray rendering integration, which has now formally launched for all users. You can now model, animate and render using V-Ray without ever having to leave your browser. That still sounds a bit strange to me, but this is how things are progressing these days.

V-Ray Integration

Most every feature of the standard V-Ray implementation that you enjoy in your favorite host 3D application is available in the cloud with Clara.io. The Exocortex team have been laboring over V-Ray integration for over a year.

Clara.io integrates

  • Light Types: Mesh, Sun, Area, Hemisphere, Omni, Spot and Directional.
  • Materials: Standard, Car Paint, Subsurface Scattering, Bump, and Layered BRDF Materials.
  • Rendering: Global Illumination, Color Bleeding, Reflections, Refraction, and Caustics.
  • Custom Formats: Vismats, VRMats and VRScenes.
  • Advanced Controls: Sampling, Quality, Bucket Order, Color Mapping, and Environment Maps.

There are many little touches too. For example, you can select a PolyMesh in Clara.io and click “Mesh light” in the tool bar and it automatically creates a V-Ray mesh light from that mesh in the exact same location. We also translate from our WebGL standard materials to their closest V-Ray representations including Specular, Bump, Emissive, Reflections and Transparency.

to learn more about the V-Ray cloud integration in Clara.io, check the new Exocortex page for it here: Clara.io Officially Launching V-Ray Rendering.



Show off your V-Ray skills and win $1000 in Prizes

To kick off the launch of V-Ray in Clara.io, Exocortex are running a contest that can win you $1000.00 in prizes.

Simply create a scene in Clara.io (either model it yourself or import the objects) that looks beautiful when rendered in V-Ray through Clara.io.

To enter the contest make your scene visible to the public (set it as public or gallery.)

One Clara.io scene that looks beautiful when rendered using V-Ray created before midnight of Monday, June 23th, will be chosen to win $500 CDN, while two others runner-ups will win $250 CDN each.

The winners will be chosen and celebrated on our blog and on Facebook before the end of June.

Check here from more contest details.