Create Swords of Multiple Styles Using Sword Master C4D Xpresso Preset

You can pretty much bet that there would be a C4D Preset for pretty much anything out there. Verifying this, Kamil Sezai posts Sward Master – an Xpresso Preset for C4D that will allow you to build any type of sword and customize the swords’ elements.


With the Sword Master C4D Preset you can change the blade style, hilt, guard and pommel easily. This gives you the ability to create any type of sword, real or fantasy in a few minutes and in a few clicks. You can create Katanas, 1- or 2-handed Irish swords, paladin swords, duel swords, daggers, machete, scimitars etc.- you get the picture.

If you are creating a lot of sword assets, this might be a good choice for you! – Check out the Sword Master C4D Xpresso Preset here.