A Walkthrough for Splitting a Vehicle in Half in Maya

There rare two things that are immediately impressive with CGPedia.com. The first being the quality of the results in the tutorials posted, but the other is the frequency at which the tutorials are being released.


Over the last little while CGPedia have been creating some pretty great walkthroughs with a variety of depth in a variety of different software packages.

Most recently posted, is a look at what is involved in an effects shot that is splitting a vehicle in half in maya. You may remember a similar scene in a Transformer movie that is used as reference and inspiration.

I find scene walkthroughs like this very informative, in fact I prefer a walkthrough over a button-push follow along tutorial a large percentage of the time.

Splitting a vehicle in half in Maya may seem complex, but -Elegantly, the scene uses a simple and most basic bend deformer to split the car. Working in a few separate Maya scenes for varying tasks, is a great way to break down all the details that you need for your composite.

Check out the walkthrough for splitting a vehicle in have in Maya on CGPedia here, where you can also download the scene file to pick apart and learn from.