Cinema 4D Smart Tween Plugin

Jan Frischmuth has a bunch of Cinema 4D Plugins, the “Smart” suite of tools that are designed to make certain things much simpler in C4D. Recently, Jan has posted two of the “Smart” tools for free on his site.

Smart Tween

Smart Tween is an Xpresso node that offers easing equations to Cinema 4D. Applying easing transitions to animations is an easy way to create curve based motion with more interesting acceleration and decelerations.


Smart Tween and Smart Stairs are now free to download.

Smart Tween handles everything for you, all you have to do is set a start point, end point and duration and then pick from a preset of easing types. These include linear, random, quadratic, cubic, quartic, quintic, septic, sinusoidal, exponential, circular, elastic, back and bounce.


Being that the plugin is an Xpresso node, you can connect the node’s real or vector output to almost anything. Jan notes that Smart Tween also iterates through Particles and Object Lists for example, so you can animate thousands of objects with one node, while being able to adjust the transition parameters for every single object.

Smart Stairs Cinema 4D

Smart Stairs

The free Smart Stairs plugin for Cinema 4D is a python based parametric stair generator. The plugin comes with several types of stairs that can easily be switch out or changed on the fly.

The Smart Stairs plugin will allow you to create multiple stair segments that can all be managed by nesting smart stair objects. The plugin handles connecting stair segments by a platform automatically. You can link your own steps, rails and materials or just collapse a Smart Stair object to get a hierarchy of instanced, editable objects.

Download Smart Tween and Smart Stairs

Jan Frischmuth makes both the C4D plugins, SmartTween and SmartStairs which are now free to download on his site. Check out Smart Tween and Smart Stairs.