Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen has been creating a new series of videos that show how to script auto-rig tools in Maya, using Python. So far, he has covered the basics for scripting with Python in Maya, that is intended to be a starting point for anyone who hasn’t touched scripting before.

The second video walks through a step buy step process for using Python for creating an auto-rig tool for a character’s mouth. Bjørn shows how to create the joints needed, each with their own curve controllers, integrating it with a facial rig. Bjørn notes that you don’t need any prior Python scripting experience to follow along, but knowing the basics of scripting, what a variable is etc is a good Idea.


More Resources for Python Scripting in Maya

Chris Zurbrigg has arguably created the definitive starting point for learning Python scripting in Maya. Chris has posted a “Beginning Python for Maya” series that is designed for anyone who is new to Python and scripting in Maya. Chris notes that by the end of this series, you should have a fundamental understanding of the Python language, Maya commands and be able to create small scripts for Maya.

Chris also has expanded the initial look at python scripting in Maya to include PySide for Maya, PyQT, and Python tips and tricks for Maya as well.