In-Depth Explanation of the Skipping Motion in Animation

Animator’s professional and aspiring, you are both in for a treat. Felix Sputnik offers an in-depth explanation of skipping motion in animation. The explanation is meant as a guide to help animators understand the moment in a skip cycle rather than recreate it from reference.

A skip is a mix of a walk cycle and a run cycle with every third step taken out.

Felix breaks down the physics of a skipping human, and attempts to explain why things happen, so you can build the skipping motion from the inside out. It starts wth the question “What is a skip?”.

Felix Sputnik has worked for most major studios in London and some overseas and is the proud owner of a Moebius award, two Promax world class awards, a grand Prix from the Holland Animation festival and a BAA diploma and was once briefly up for a BAFTA.