TTools for Maya Removes Common Workflow Bottlenecks

About a year ago, I had posted a look into one of Thomas Hamilton’s Maya scripts called “AttachMaster”. The tool allow you to freely combine and separate while keeping vital information about the polygons. The script kept object names and some transformation information in tact between Combines and Separations in Maya.

Since the release of that script, Thomas has been busy packaging up his workflow scripts as a commercial package, and updating some of the tools within them — One of which happens to be AttachMaster. AttachMaster can easily attach multiple objects together while maintaining the name, translation, rotation, pivot, and hierarchy of the first object.

The suite of workflow tools for Maya is called TTools, and was put together to remove bottlenecks in content authoring in Maya.

TTools is a bundle of a lot of tools. So much so, that I’m tempted to describe the quantity as a “crap-load” — There are close to 40 tools in the suite.

You can learn more about TTools by visiting TTools comes to us with 2 price tags. The personal edition is $16.99, while the Pro Edition is $19.99 per user.

Thomas Hamilton has been a professional game developer in excess of 15 years. Over the course of his career he as served various positions including: Tech Artist, Senior Artist, Lead Artist, and CG Supervisor.

He has shipped over 15 titles, including such blockbuster franchises as: Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Silent Hill to name a few.