Check Out This Free Tool to Create Projection Shaders in Maya

3D Models World shares a Maya tool that can help create the projection shaders and assign them to objects in the scene.

Projection or Camera Mapping is a great way to quickly set up a scene using photos and bring some life into them with a tiny camera move. Setting up projection mapping could use some assistance, and here, 3D Models World posts a free tool that helps.

Called ProjShader Tool, with a click, you can quickly create and attach projection shaders to selected objects in Maya. ProjShader makes generating projection shaders easy and assigning them to polygonal objects in the scene. The free tool will also connect the correct projection camera all in one easy step.

ProjShader Features:

  • Easily create multiple projection shaders in Maya.
  • The tool will create a projection shader, connect it to the projection camera, and assign it to the selected polygon objects.
  • The tool comes with installation notes alongside the downloadable files.

Learn more about the ProjShader Tool and download a copy here.