Check Out This Free ChatGPT Plugin for Autodesk Maya

Johannes Andersson wrote a free and open-source ChatGPT plugin for Maya that looks useful and fun.

Chat AI bots are a new thing to automate tasks, make scripts or ask how to do something. A couple of tools let you work with AI within applications like Maya, and Johannes Andersson just made one that enables you to work with ChatGPT right in Maya.

The plugin lets you access ChatGPT directly from within the program, so you can ask it how something works, how to do something, or automate repetitive tasks without leaving Maya.

“The ChatGPT for Maya plugin is a new tool that enables users to access natural language processing capabilities directly within Maya, making scripting and task automation easier for beginners and experienced users. Overall, the ChatGPT for Maya plugin is a valuable addition to the toolkit of any Maya user.”

The plugin is available for free and open source on GitHub.

About Johannes Andersson.

I’m a 3D generalist from Sweden. Johannes got into Python programming when he started learning 3D because he wanted to spend time making things look good instead of doing repetitive tasks.

Johannes is a freelance 3D artist and on-set DIT.