Animating a Run Cycle? Here are Some Great Tips

In animation general, there are a lot of things to consider. Stylistic choices and technical choices are always abound. For example, when creating a run cycle for a character, talking into account the character design is important.

Is the character athletic? Overweight? Graceful? Considerations might also determine the type of run that you need. Is the character running away from something or towards something?

Answering some of these questions is Italian freelance animator Chiara Porri. Chiara shares some great tips from her workflow for animating a run. The tutorial uses Long Winter Studios’ Steel rig, but if you are following along, any free rig will do. Chiara posts a list of all the tips with some nice illustrations. Be sure to visit the Run Cycle Tutorial Recap and Tips page.

Chiara’s last tutorial was equally important. Chiara showed how you can animate a female walk cycle, offering some great tips in that one as well.`