Rotoscoping Platform, FlowBox Updates With New Features

FlowBox is a new rotoscoping and visual effects platform that was built with collaboration in mind. The system is slowly rolling out new features and workflows set to be a modernization of many visual effects pipelines.

The Latest release of FlowBox represents a substantial update with a lot of new features and fixes. The recently released FlowBox v1.3 includes some nice workflow enhancements to an already impressive toolset. You can now stabilize shapes and points stabilization without the need for tracking, and have individual tracking assigned on a per-shape basis.

If you are unfamiliar with FlowBox, you can start a rotoscoping session by freeform drawing your shape based on your footage. Scrubbing the scene forward, you can then make a new drawing for the revised position of the plate, and snap your rotoscope shapes to that new position. It is this type of new ideologies for working, that sets FlowBox apart from other VFX tools. The team at are focused on building cutting edge tools in a revolutionary workflow that saves time all the while helping artists generate the highest-end mattes.

Rotoscoping in FlowBox 1.3 adds:

  • Shapes/points stabilization with or without tracking
  • Individual tracking per shape
  • Isolate mode: lets you focus on what’s important
  • Smooth OR Linear interpolation for shape animation – customizable through Dope Sheet
  • Shape lifetime settings – editable in the timeline
  • Closed and open shapes export to Nuke – baked or original keyframes
  • Matte Overlay mode
  • Performance boost for shapes selection

FlowBox is compatible with Nuke, supporting both closed and open shapes. This makes it ideal as a Roto supplement to any Nuke pipeline and an emerging alternative for Rotoscoping studios. Flowbox is priced between $37-$46 per month (No additional maintenance surprise costs) with discounts for large volumes.

Some sStudios have already adopted Flowbox for their roto pipeline: Awesome Inc (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.), NoLabel (Krakow, Poland) Real Image Production (Dubai, U.A.E.), Volt fx (Shanghai).

Visit to learn more, and check out the full feature list for the latest version of Flowbox.