Watch a Mesmerizing Interactive Groom In Maya 2017


Tarkan Sarim describes himself as a Senior Grooming Technical Director/modeller for vfx. Currently a lead Hair And Fur Artist at ScanLineVFX, Tarkan knows a thing or two about creating and grooming realistic 3D hair for characters. Check out this time-lapse of an interactive groom.

Using some of the newest workflow enhancements in Maya 2017, Tarkan shows off an artist friendly approach to grooming hair. Maya 2017 Update 3 added some new features to Xgen, such as a clump modifier, a brush for twisting, new object collisions, a cut modifier and much more.

XGen in Maya is the geometry instance that can create hair and fur, or scatter trees, rocks and other assets across a scene. XGen lets you procedurally create and style hair, fur and feathers for characters using an artist-friendly approach. The latest update to Maya has added quite a few interactive groom enhancements and updates to those tools.

Watching interactive grooming tools in the hands of a master such as Tarkan Sarim is truly mesmerizing.

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  1. Fredi

    Hello, why the Arnold render crashes at interactive grooming when I insert clump. error
    // Error: [curves] procedural_E692A98054B14ACE61CCE_curves: invalid number of points (found 0, expected 180804) //
    Perhaps you can help, in your beautiful videos, unfortunately, nothing is rendered
    Greetings Fredi


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