Have a Look at This New 1-Click Export Between C4D & Ae

Hamburg based Design, Director and Animator, Lasse Clausen has created a simple 1-click exporter that is set to speed up your workflow between Cinema 4D and After Effects.

AEC4D will export from Cinema 4D to After Effects, giving you access to position data for cameras, lights, and other objects (that Ae has support for). No need to continually sync your scenes between your two favorite apps. AEC4D looks to be a great addition to motion designers and Production Artist’s toolset.

The exporter script allows you to send object over to Ae in two ways. You can select objects in your scene and hit the button. You can also send over elements the old AEC way by using the external compositing tags.

AEC4D Features:

  • 1-Click-Export from C4D to AFX
  • Instant access to position data of camera, lights and other objects
  • Built for workflow performance, no need to wait for scene-syncing
  • Works in older versions down to CS6 and R15.

Get the 1-click export tool AEC4D for $10.00, 33% Off until July 1!