Studying Weight, Arcs, and Timing, for a Jump Animation

Animator Tracey Strong Offers Some Nice Insights Into the Fundamentals for Animating a Simple Jump Animation

Tracey Strong posts a look into the mechanics of a character jump animation using the animation fundamentals of weight, arcs and timing. If you are a newcomer (or “baby animator” as Tracey puts it) to traditional style 2D animation, creating a jump animation is a great exercise.

“I wanted to talk about how I would think about this kind of thing. Thinking about weight, arcs, timing, all those super useful animation fundamentals.” Tracey says. Stylus Rumble (Tracey’s Youtube channel and web presence) covers animation using ToonBoom, yet there are many tips and tricks that can be learned about the principles and mechanics of animation — Still very relevant no matter with what software that you choose to animate.

If you do use ToonBoom, You can download the rig that is used in the demonstration, for free, here.