Tips and Tricks for Animating a Little Isometric Scene in Spine

Erika Inzitari Shows How to Animate Isometric Illustrations Using Spine

Spine is a tight environment for animating 2D elements. With an intuitive premise and the vast host of tools that you would expect from an animation package, Spine makes things like character rigging and animations easy. What about animating 3D elements in 2D? What if you wanted to make some moves for an isometric scene?

The iso angles pose some challenges, but it is far from impossible. Artist and Animator Erika Inzitari walks through creating animation for an isometric scene using Spine. As part of the Spine team, Erika shares some valuable tips and tricks for working with Spine to bring isometric illustrations to life.

Spine comes in two varieties, a $69 Essential and a $299 Professional version. You can also explore Spine first hand by downloading a trial version for Windows, Mac, and Linux. All Spine Professional features are available in the trial except saving projects, texture packing and exporting animation data, images, and video.