Creating and Rendering Vegetation With Octane Scatter in C4D

3D Artist Arthur Whitehead Shows How to Create and Populate Vegetation in C4D With Octane Scatter

Octane for C4D comes with a handy generator for scattering instances across surfaces or objects. Octane Scatter is excellent for populating environments with vegetation or details in hard surface models. 3D Artist Arthur Whitehead shows how to use it for creating a plants-based scene in Cinema 4D, using it to distribute plants for the background of a render.

The tutorial also walks through using the multi-pass system to get a depth of field pass that will later have use in compositing. “We then take it into Adobe After Effects and use Particular to create particle effects, Video Copilot’s Optical Flares to create a flare and Frischluft Depth of Field Plugin for the Depth of Field,” Whitehead remarks.