3D Quakers Releases Forester for Cinema 4D

3D Quakers have release the Forester Plugin for Cinema 4D. Originally written for Softimage, and allowed you to create natural environments and elements such as tree, plants and rocks, letting you control distribution as well as the flora elements themselves.

Forester for Cinema 4D is composed of 4 modules. These modules will let you create trees, flora, clone elements and create rocks. Forester offers a really fast way to create procedural trees, along side an extensive tree library, and some pretty great wind effects.

The 3D Quakers plugin represents a one-stop-shop for creating environment elements without even leaving Cinema 4D.

Forester for Cinema 4D on Windows is compatible with 64-bits Cinema 4D R14, R15, R16 and R17, while Forester for C4D Mac OS X is works with 64-bits Cinema 4D R16 and R17 only. Forester also supports third party render engines, including V-Ray, Arnold, Octane and TheaRender.

You can pick up the plugin for a few hundred dollars, check out the 3D Quakers page for more information and details.