Tips for Hand Animating Slime and Goop Effects

Tracey Strong Offers Some Tips and Approaches for Animating Viscous Slime and Goop Effects.

Stylus Rumble’s Tracey Strong has a look at some approaches for hand-animating goop effects, slime, or any viscous liquid. Although initially, goop effects can look daunting, you can very much use the same properties that you would for cloth. “When you’re thinking about slime, you can actually compare it a lot to drapery and drapery studies,” Strong says.

Strong uses Toon Boom Harmony for her tutorials, but there are lots of things that anyone can glean from them as they all have a firm root in traditional animation. Tracey does a fantastic job with her animation tutorials. If you are looking to do more with traditional-style animation, you should check out some previous ones where she showed some excellent approaches to fire and dust and smoke effects.