Fred Ruff’s blog posts a great article on LUTs (Look up Table) color profiles when dealing with linear color workflow. Fred centers the discussion on using 3DS Max, however, it is a fairly relevant workflow for everyone. Check out the “What The LUT?” post on RuffStuff, and his earlier post on linear workflow with RAW data.

“A LUT is a color profile that can be applied to footage to see it as it should appear in your final result. Think of a LUT as a “lens” which you look at your work through. LUT stands for Look Up Table. There are 2 types of LUTS. 1D LUTs and 3D LUTs. Since we don’t want this color space baked into the file, we use a LUT to see the image as we will deliver it. Therefore, It’s important for 3d rendering and compositing to see the final look of the footage as it is intended to be seen, with the LUT on top.”