If you have ever seen someone do a viewport render in other 3D applications (such as rendering Arnold in Softimage) it’s an awesome ability to render parts of the viewport freely and drastically speeds up the workflow process. Now along comes Maya ViewPort Render Tool from Tasaa Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd, a $130.00 plugin for Maya plugin for Maya 2011 and 2012 that features selected region renders directly in the viewport with the ability to store and compare region renders.

Maya ViewPort Render Tool features:

  • Renders selected region directly in the viewport.
  • Supports rendering of selected objects in the viewport.
  • Support for stereo camera render.
  • Ability to store and compare the region renders.
  • Compatible with Mental Ray, Renderman, Vray and others.

Check out the Maya ViewPort Render Tool v1.0 here (available 30 day trail), or visit the Page at Tasaa Infosolutions where the VPRT for Maya is 50% off as a limited introductory price.